Monday, August 2, 2010

Saying Goodbye to the West

Happy Birthday British Columbia - my home province! 

Found us a land-er-mat down here in Alberton.  Right beside the self-serve car wash.  Didn't know if I was to stand inside the car wash and hose me-self down or..But got my man's knickers all washed up before heading off to Bloomfield Provincial Park for the family picnic.  Boy was that day sum fun, whey?

Learned how to play Holey Board - which of course we took dimensions of, pictures of and more. We had us a tournament - 14 teams of 2 per team was in the first round and 8 teams in the second.  Then while we waited for the finals to be played, we started up the Loosers Tournament. Made my way to the semi finals on that one.  Won $4! Yoo hoo!  Caught me a bad sunburn as well so the winnings went to more aloe vera and sunscreen.  These people think of things to do in the winter months.

Off to John, Cathy, Carlie, Brett, Bob and Nana's cabin (which used to be ours at Lady Slipper) to eat; the rest of the Mackerel caught during the deep sea fishing adventure on Friday, ribs, potatoe salad, corn, beans, brownies and ice cream (burp!). Frank's Aunt, Carole Ann (she's 5 yrs older than Frank) joined us and we spent the evening discussing family connections and history. So we had our geneology lesson on the McKenna side. Always fascinating information and a lot of fun coming from Auntie.

Since today is Monday August 2nd, we are leaving the West of PEI to head back into Charlottetown and head up east to Montague, Souris and Wood Island.  We are headed this way to seek out the distellery and wineries. Should be sum fun.

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Susette said...

I have heard of Holey Board, but the instructions came from a French Canadian speaking English.
It still sounded like an hoot and a half. Hope you got the all the info correct!!
Gordy IS GREAT WITH WOOD!! He can make it happen.