Wednesday, August 4, 2010

This is it!

Today is Wednesday August 4th and it is our last full day in PEI and you might know, it's raining!

After we left you last we have since ventured to the furtherest most point on the Island; East Point. This means, I have now officially been tip to tip. During this adventure we stopped at Myriad. Myriad is the only legalized moonshine distillery on the island.  After "sampling" the product (Rum, Gin, Vodka and Shine), we made a purchase - but not before taking a tour of how they distill.  Naturally, Petit Guy had to be pulled out of one of the vats.  What a pain in the arse he was, drunk no doubt.  All he did was squawk for the rest of the ride.

We also went to Prince Edward distillery to sample their brand of potato vodka but when we entered this itty bitty little place that charged $10 - we said no and off we went. Between us all, we dropped a couple of hundred at the Myriad and only the cost of a bottle at the Prince Edward.

Later in the day we caught up with Frank's Aunt, Carol Anne, and took her out to Papa John's for dinner. Carol Ann had graciously opened up her house to accomodate the six of us overnight.  Patty, Gordie, Kayla and Dallas were leaving on the 7 am Tuesday morning flight and since Carol Ann lives about 10 minutes, by the way the crow flies, to the airport, it was the right thing to do. 

After dinner we went up to Frank's Aunt Grace and Uncle Bobby's place for a visit. Aunt  Grace has MS, just like Frank's dad and I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when I saw her. It was like visiting an old face - she looks so much like Earl and has the same sense of humor, always laughing and carrying on.  How I miss Earl, but, we were all given a gift of spending an hour or two with him again.

So, Tuesday after sending off the Smith Clan before the bear poops in the buckwheat (early, early) Carol Ann insisted that Frank and I stay on for the rest of our vacation.  Saving us a whole bucket of coin, we jumped at the chance, then jumped in the car to head for Confederation Bridge.  It was time to conquer one of Frank's items on his list of must do's.  And conquer we did. For a mire $42.50 we drove onto the bridge!  12 minutes is not a long time to cross a bridge, is it?  Not until you start driving across do you realize that yes, 12 minutes to  cross from  PEI to New Brunswick -is a long time.  One lane each way??  Stop and think how long it takes any of us townies to cross a bridge in Vancouver, what 3 minutes if traffic is flowing?  However, the reward at the other side was well worth it.  Put me feet in New Brunswick soil, I did.

We spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around Charlottetown, venturing into stores on the quay, looking at old houses in the historic district and ordering lobster to ship home. This time, we have so much we are "checking" our 30lb box as baggage.  Get your money out neighbors - here they come.

Uncles Lloyd and Leonard joined us for dinner, as did Carole Ann's granddaughters -Lauren and Mallory and daughter Tracey. Carol Ann is a fantastic cook so we ate to our hearts content.  Then we played cards until 9:30 - cards is a big pastime here on the island so I have a few new games under my belt.  Fun, sharing stories and jokes, we fell into bed after 10:00, which is one of the earliest we've seen since we began this vacation.

We will go up to Montague and hopefully Murray River today, meeting up with Nana, Bob, John, Cathy, Carlie, Brett and Uncle Gary for lunch. Then back to Carol Ann's for dinner, more cards and preparing for our early rise to head for the airport.  We should be home tomorrow around 1:00 Vancouver time.

This vacation has been fun, adventurous, tiring, spectacular, full of laughter, outstanding sights, sounds and tastes. We've talked about moving here and not moving here, visited with people who are down to earth, outgoing, funny and loving and neither Frank nor I would have missed this time here for the world.  Petit Guy has many memories as well, although some I could not post on this blog. What a bird, but he has another adventure under his belt as well and I've got the pictures to prove it.

Thanks for reading along on our adventure, both Frank and I truly enjoy sharing our lives and visits with you - the people who mean so much to us all.

You never know, I may blog when I return home, so please stay tuned for more.

Good bye PEI, Frank and I will see you again soon.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Saying Goodbye to the West

Happy Birthday British Columbia - my home province! 

Found us a land-er-mat down here in Alberton.  Right beside the self-serve car wash.  Didn't know if I was to stand inside the car wash and hose me-self down or..But got my man's knickers all washed up before heading off to Bloomfield Provincial Park for the family picnic.  Boy was that day sum fun, whey?

Learned how to play Holey Board - which of course we took dimensions of, pictures of and more. We had us a tournament - 14 teams of 2 per team was in the first round and 8 teams in the second.  Then while we waited for the finals to be played, we started up the Loosers Tournament. Made my way to the semi finals on that one.  Won $4! Yoo hoo!  Caught me a bad sunburn as well so the winnings went to more aloe vera and sunscreen.  These people think of things to do in the winter months.

Off to John, Cathy, Carlie, Brett, Bob and Nana's cabin (which used to be ours at Lady Slipper) to eat; the rest of the Mackerel caught during the deep sea fishing adventure on Friday, ribs, potatoe salad, corn, beans, brownies and ice cream (burp!). Frank's Aunt, Carole Ann (she's 5 yrs older than Frank) joined us and we spent the evening discussing family connections and history. So we had our geneology lesson on the McKenna side. Always fascinating information and a lot of fun coming from Auntie.

Since today is Monday August 2nd, we are leaving the West of PEI to head back into Charlottetown and head up east to Montague, Souris and Wood Island.  We are headed this way to seek out the distellery and wineries. Should be sum fun.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

And here we go, family reunion time

Yes, that's right, the whole reason we came to PEI was to attend the McKenna Family Reunion and here we is.

Friday morning Gordie, Frank, Kayla, Dallas and Brett got up at crow piss to go to Malpeque for a little to Deep Sea Fishing.  They had to be in Malpaque Harbour by 8.  Meaning up at 5:45-6:00 to get the 5 of them dressed, fooded and teeth brushed. After throwing the kids in the car, off they went. Of course Patty and I simply rolled over and went back to sleep.  Ahhhh.  However, once we were up and dressed, it was time for us to do.... errands.

Friday nite was the Meet and Greet at the O'Leary Legion.  We put together a fruit plate to take up to the festivities and ventured on up. After spending, oh I'd say 1/2 an hour standing outside saying hello to this uncle, this aunt and look a little cousin or two, we made it inside to the door.  Signing in on one side of the entrance, we turned us around and started dolling out the cash to buy "find the joker", silent auction, holey board signup (only $5 a tix) and the big Poker game. We pushed through to a table, never sitting, simply dropping keys and bags to start the mingle. Frank was roped into being the Gracious Host of the Family Feud game - and I am proud to say, Earl's Pearls were the only team to shut out all 4 rounds (in case you don't know, Earl was Frank's Dad).  Won us some shot glasses, yes. After much socializing, hee-hawing and what not, it was time to pull the plug.  I think my head hit the pillow after 1:30.

Up and at em on Saturday morning, it was our last day at Lady Slipper Cottages.  Over to the Travellers Inn Motel where we settled quickly before setting off for a bit of lunch, trip to the liqour store and simply poking around in Alberton. Then back to the motel where we prepared ourselves for our big dinner dance.

However, not before going to mass in our McKenna Family Reunion t-shirts and visting the cemetery which houses some of the family that couldn't attend.  After many photo opportunities, we headed for the dinner. 

Dinner consisted of mashed taties (PEI specials), turkey, stuffing, gravy PEAS (ewwww) and carrots served with a cheeky little splash of apple juice. You know I headed for the bar and grab myself a glass of wine. Which of course, they cleared away after dinner when I wasn't looking. Dang!

After finishing off the silent auction - we'se got ourselves $20 gift certificate at the Atlantic Liquor Store (buying some shine), it was time to dance.  Dance we did, to every Willie Nelson, Stompin Tom and country song out there. I was done at 12:30 so we headed home.

And so here we sit at the Traveller's Inn at 8:50 a.m. in the continental breakfast doing our blog and preparing ourselves for the final day of  the reunion.   Picnic at Bloomfield Park  where I am going to learn how to play holey board.  Should be some interesting times.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Whats a Miminisgash and want ur Fortune Cove?

It's Friday July 31st and I've been remiss in my blogging duties fer two days now, b'ys. So today's entry will be covering the two.  Just so you know, I am sitting on the outside porch of the Lady Slipper offices, I have a hummingbird at the feeder bout 5 ft away, a chipmunk sun bathing on the step behind me and a little itty bitty bird on the railing, within arms reach.  I feel Mother Nature-ish today.

So on Wednesday, we went up to the North Cape, where the St. Lawrence meets up with the Northumberland Strait.  Quite the sight to see where the two waters meet, a lot of erosion going on since not as much ice forms in the winter months due to global warming. What used to be called the Elephant's Nose is no longer there. We walked along the sand, taking pictures of the cliffs, tidal pools and red sands. We grabbed a bite at the Wind and Reef Restuarant after taking a quick "boo" through the Canadian Wind Enery Interpretive Centre. These wind combines are freaking huge and as I've said before.  I had my first PEI Hot dog that day (the Islanders call it a lobster roll) and it was some good.

Before that we stopped in Little Tighnish and wandered around the harbour where we could see all the lobster traps, bouys and boats getting ready to head out.  Snapped us up some good phot-e-graphs before moving on to Royal Star Fisheries where we gots Gordie his traditional Royal Star T-Shirts for only 8 bucks.  On to town where we picked up the Prince Edward Potato Vodka infused with wild blueberries before heading over to this very old church called St. Simon & St. Jude's.  The church was built in 1862 and it is overwhelming beautiful inside. There is a shroud that has the Face of Jesus appearing on it when you take a picture.  You can't see it with the naked eye.  We were gobsmacked by the beauty of the altar, ceilings and simply everything.

We ambled down the coast line stopping in Miminigash, a quaint little fishing town (lobster), driving past all the potoato fields, warehouses and the like.  Every chance we'se got, we stopped and took  pictures,  even at Skinner's Pond to take pictures of Stompin Tom's birthplace.

Quite the day... but that's not the end.  That evening, the host and hostess of the cottages, James and Nellie, gathered all 5 cabins and served up some piping hot Fresh PEI Mussels in a tomato broth along with soda biscuits and homemade buns.  I even tried me a mussel and it was some good.  Gordie keeps telling me he'll make a Maritimer outta me yet.

So,we wake up Thursday morning to Brother John and Brett stopping by (lovingly called the Mafia) to get Dallas and go fishing with Uncles Leonard and Lloyd. Since the rest of us were on a quest to get us some souveniers, we jumped into one car and headed off on a new adventure; the South Shore scenic drive.  We stopped at the glass bottle house (made entirely of recycled beer, wine and pop bottles; they must been thirsty people.  This drive took us down into Summerside where we walked the Spinaker's Landing and then stopped for a bit to eat. Heading North we stopped in New Ananan to visit a Wrought Iron Artisian's gallery before heading to Malpeque to visit an Oyster man.  Again, we entered into a harbour that housed lobster boats and the world famous Malpeque Oysters.  After scoring some oysters, it was time to head for home cause early in  the morning, Frank and Gordie made a run for Tighnish to get us some lobster for supper.

Stopping at the Price Chopper in Bloomfield Corners we secured butter and buns to help aid us in our ingestion of the 12 lobsters purchased.  Borrowing a pot from Nellie and a custom made burner, we cranked up the water till she boiled, cooking us up a pot of fresh lobster (of course Frank had to crack, break and source the meat out for me).  We ate lobster and oysters, along with a cheeky merlot, until we could eat no more.  Between 7 of us; Gordie, Patty, Kayla, Dallas, Brett, Frank and I we got through 9 and an arf. That there was a PEI meal!

Frank, Gordie, Kayla, Dallas and Brett made arrangements to go deep sea fishing back in Malpeque on Friday morning.  Since they had to get up and go before 6:30 (it's an hours drive back) we all turned in early for a change. Patty and I were to go errand-ing to get everything needed for the fruit plate and make sure we knew where to go for the meet and greet being held at the O'Leary Legion on Friday night.  We are gearing up.

The weather has been outstanding, some rain but that just cools things down. It is very humid here so I've got me a big do of hair - I looked rather "frightened"  in all  the pictures. Having a marvelous time and look forward to more adventures.  Gotta stop eating all this good food - me clothes are getting rather... tight.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Doing the Touriesty Thing

Well me b'ys we'se been out and about, up West in PEI. Off to West Point Lighthouse to get our pictures took. We lined up John, Patty,  Frank and Bob in their McKenna Family Reunion shirts, in front of the lighthouse and took about 50 pictures from everyone's cameras.  Then it was by family, grandchildren, outlaws and finally the lot of us. After that it was off to the G & E for lunch - OMG it was like walking into a 70's restaurant.  Food tasted like it was made in the 70's too! 

Dallas wasn't feeling so hot so off Mom, Dad, Dallas and Uncle Bob went to the doctors to make sure all was good,  We took Nana, Carlie, John, Cathy and Brett and headed off to the Price Chopper in Bloomfield  Corner, to get us dinner fixins.  Yes, that's right, we had everyone back to our cabin for dinner, again.  Worked out well, picked me a cucumber out of the greenhouse, along with oregano and thyme. Chicken was some good on the barbie.  After much wine and beer, we sent six home and fell into bed with a plan for the following day. (Dallas was given the green light in the health department).

So, we are off on Wednesday to the North Cape which is on the St. Lawrence Gulf. We are going to search for lobster to have a feast on Thursday night. Amongst all the other sites,sounds and smells of the island. 

We've started hearing that family is arriving. Uncles Leonard and Lloyd are here and Carole Ann has come up west.  So far, it looks like 143 of us are gonna be getting together on Friday night to start the festivities.

I can't get over the beauty of the land here. Weather has been outstanding, about 22-25 everyday, along with the island breeze.  Tomorrow shall be a fun day filled with exploration, great food and tons more pictures.

There I was gone.  Until we talk again, I bid you ado.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summerside of Life

Frank and I alone in a cabin, in Fortune Cove, PEI.  What fun was that?  After spending the morning resting up we decided to go back to Summerside, and finish where we left off on Sunday.  But this time, I got to drive the newly coined Peety Cruiser and b'y the snapping, I did. Frank spent most of the drive (45 mins door to door), hanging out the windee snapping some pho-tee-graphs. PEI has some amazing wind combines sourcing new power. So, we did all we could to get as close as possible to snap some photo's.  Although I fully support the use of these wind combines, it is so freaky to see them when you are on the two lane highway (one lane each way).  You think they are going to fall over.

When we reached Summerside we wandered around Spinamakers Landing through all the trendy artistic stores. There are metal stars or flowers on so many of the houses here, I was bound and determined I was gonna get me a flower - until I found out the price.  $100.00 for a metal (size of a tire), flower to go on the side of my house - I don't think so. Dang!  So to ease my pain, we went in search of the Prince Edward Distillery - makers of the potato vodka infused with wild blueberries. My pain stayed with me when we searched through nearby Borden and could only find some wine.  Although we did get to look at Paderno cookware, hand made in PEI, and a fan fave of Frankies, we purchased none of the above.

We did get to look at the Conferderation Bridge.  $42.50 to cross over and leave the island, zippo to get back on.

After much texting back and forth we finally caught up with Patty, Gordie, Kayla and Dallas. Soon followed by John, Cathy, Carlie, Brett and Nana.  Burgers were tossed on to the bbq, beer opened, fire pit started and away we go.  Darkness fell, wine was opened and before you know it, we was empty and it was time for bed.

Tomorrow we are going to West Point Lighthouse to reinvent the photo of 1964 of John, Patty, Frank and Bob. This time we will also add the grandchildren, spouses, outlaws and the lot of us.  Petit Guy won't be making the trip with us  though.  I found him playing with my lingerie after drinking all night.  His reputation of being a dirty bird, follows him to PEI.  I think this is what happened when we took him Paris.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Looking for the Slipper

We left our little room in Charlottetown, to begin the trek to Lady Slipper Cottages; our new home for the next 6 nights.  However, before we did that, we needed to find the first thing in the morning  cup of coffee - a really good one - so we headed to downtown Charlottetown.  Lo and behold a Starbucks! Last time we were here, 3-4 years ago, PEI's version of the starbucks was in the art gallery - and it sucked.  Still better than Timmy Ho's (in my opinion).  This Starbucks has only been open for 1 year and is the only one in PEI.  It's Tim Horton's on every corner here and they are all lined up, no taste in coffee these East Coasters.

After coffee, we decided to start heading west to O'Leary and Alberton where our place is. But we got lost in Charlottetown - go figure.After a good 45 minutes trying to figure out where Hwy 2 was, we made a break for it.  We stopped in Summerside for lunch ($33.00 BUCKS!!) and drove to Alberton to the world famous "Revelo" restaurant - which was closed. Everything is pretty much shut down up west on a Sunday.  We  were able to go the Price Cutters around 4 to get us some breakie stuff, but we were close - store closes at 5!

Spent the remainder of the day, settling in, playing cards and waiting on family to stop by.  Which they never did! We wandered around the property, down on to the beach and walked the red sands. Kinda weird walking on red sand, it is suppose to be grey dammit!

Our little cottage is quaint and shall do the 6 of us just fine.  It has everything we need, a little rustic but very clean and tidy. Safe place to lay our heads.

Tomorrow we head for Summerside, Borden and Carlton. Frank wants to work out at the local gym in Alberton so I will try and find one of them there internet cafes so I can blog in style.  I think things are pretty quiet right now, but the heat is starting to rise, so things are gonna fly.

We are also on the hunt for homemade potato vodka infused with wild blueberries as well as Pure Juice and moonshine. Could prove to be a very interesting day.


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Good Morning Charlottetown

Lord tundering jesus, we made er boys!  Late last night we pulled into this cute little drive up... motel and got ourselves a room.  No coin operated bed though. Darn!  We made a stop at Carole Ann's for a cup of tea and slice of home made raisin bread.  That was 11:30 - PEI time! Spent time with Carole Anne, Claudia, Uncle Leonard, Frank's Mom, brothers John and Bob,sister in law Cathy, niece Carlie, nephew Brett and Claudia's Granddaughter Vanessa. 

In case you don't know, we travelled with Frank's sister Patty, his brother in law, Gordie, niece Kayla and nephew Dallas (aka Salad).

Flight was relatively uneventful, got into Toronto at 7:00 p.m., walked off the plane, over two gates and walked onto another one!  How easy was that?  Left Vancouver on a beautiful sunny Saturday morning, pulled into Toronto to rain, arrived to Charlottetown in darkness.

I was right!  Still get off the plane and drag your sorry arse across the tarmac into the terminal.  Hang on though, the big difference is that they unload the suitcases and bring them into the terminal!  How lucky is that! Progress.  And cause for celebration, we didn't get locked out of the airport and we weren't the last ones to leave.  However - we got stuck with a PT Cruiser for a car.  How unlucky is that!

Petit Guy was bursting at the suitcase to come out. He was a tad upset with us when we wouldn't stay and play cards well into the night. As it was we didn't get to the motel until after 2:00 am. He's still not talking to us. But, it might help if we unzipped the suitcase and let him out though.  Oh well.

So today we are off to find Lady Slipper Cottages and get ourselves settled. Buy us some groceries at the Need and get er done and who knows, we might even get in a clam dig. Frank still upset that he didn't get in a raw oyster treat last night (eww, food issues here!)

Yeass, that's right, wese off fur the day, by the jesus b'y.

Love to all, 


Monday, July 19, 2010

5 more sleeps and the world has gone crazy

Ack! Time is flying by and I am running out of time to get all the things done that need to be done.  I mean, come on. fingers, toes, hair and clothes where does a girl find the time to get it together?  Then I've got to do this all for Frank too!  Don't have to worry about Petit Guy. He was packed the day we showed him the tickets.

Only 5 more sleeps before Frank and I head from the everyday world of work, stress, home, stress,  to the laid back, red sands of my hubby's native land.  Anne of Green Gables, here we come.  We are both excited for some serious playtime: eating seafood, playing frig your buddy, sneaking onto the tobacco fields, trying the wines at the one winery, spending time in Charlottetown  (I can't wait to eat at the Pilot House) and just having some downtime with family.  This could even be the time that we start planning what our next stage of life is going to look like. Could be trouble brewing!   Let's hope our family can help steer us in the direction of solid decision making. You never know, we could come back saying we'se moving.... hold on... da ya think? 

I think the next post will be that of our arrival into the one kiosk, still walk across the tarmac and drag your luggage with you airport of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.
There they were, side by each, gone!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Countdown to PEI - 10 sleeps

So it's ten days from now that Frank, Petit Guy and I board a plane bound for Charlottetown.  We are starting to plan what we need to take so it's time for the ever popular list making on things to wear, wash, purchase, pack and what not.  

Petit Guy is very excited about meeting new people and seeing new places. He is gonna try some lobster, go to Stompin Tom's place on Skinner's Pond, attend the meet and greet at the O'Leary Legion  - we need to figure out which chips we're gonna take - and maybe go across Confederation Bridge.

In the meantime, I get to drag up the luggage, get sunscreen, soap, shampoo, maybe a new sundress or two, find Frankie some pants and get everything together. Most importantly, we need to make sure we've got our car figured out cause when the plane lands in Charlottetown on Saturday July 24th at 10:30 p.m. - that airport will be deserted by 10:35 and we'll be some frigged until the sun rises.

I loaded this picture of Petit Guy and his version of packing for the trip. Someone's ready to go!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

11 days to go

Welcome back to my blogging escapades. This year's story will be about the McKenna Family reunion back in Prince Edward Island. Land of potatoes, red sand, tobacco, lobster and Anne of Green Gables and guess what - Petit Guy is back travelling with us.

In just 11 days, you shall hopefully share in our journey around this island and read with pleasure, joy and amazement the trouble Petit Guy shall get himself into.

We miss you travelling with us Lisa. But our adventures are far from over, you, me, Frank and Petit Guy have many more miles to cover

Today is July 13th and my name is Leanne. Come follow me.