Wednesday, August 4, 2010

This is it!

Today is Wednesday August 4th and it is our last full day in PEI and you might know, it's raining!

After we left you last we have since ventured to the furtherest most point on the Island; East Point. This means, I have now officially been tip to tip. During this adventure we stopped at Myriad. Myriad is the only legalized moonshine distillery on the island.  After "sampling" the product (Rum, Gin, Vodka and Shine), we made a purchase - but not before taking a tour of how they distill.  Naturally, Petit Guy had to be pulled out of one of the vats.  What a pain in the arse he was, drunk no doubt.  All he did was squawk for the rest of the ride.

We also went to Prince Edward distillery to sample their brand of potato vodka but when we entered this itty bitty little place that charged $10 - we said no and off we went. Between us all, we dropped a couple of hundred at the Myriad and only the cost of a bottle at the Prince Edward.

Later in the day we caught up with Frank's Aunt, Carol Anne, and took her out to Papa John's for dinner. Carol Ann had graciously opened up her house to accomodate the six of us overnight.  Patty, Gordie, Kayla and Dallas were leaving on the 7 am Tuesday morning flight and since Carol Ann lives about 10 minutes, by the way the crow flies, to the airport, it was the right thing to do. 

After dinner we went up to Frank's Aunt Grace and Uncle Bobby's place for a visit. Aunt  Grace has MS, just like Frank's dad and I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when I saw her. It was like visiting an old face - she looks so much like Earl and has the same sense of humor, always laughing and carrying on.  How I miss Earl, but, we were all given a gift of spending an hour or two with him again.

So, Tuesday after sending off the Smith Clan before the bear poops in the buckwheat (early, early) Carol Ann insisted that Frank and I stay on for the rest of our vacation.  Saving us a whole bucket of coin, we jumped at the chance, then jumped in the car to head for Confederation Bridge.  It was time to conquer one of Frank's items on his list of must do's.  And conquer we did. For a mire $42.50 we drove onto the bridge!  12 minutes is not a long time to cross a bridge, is it?  Not until you start driving across do you realize that yes, 12 minutes to  cross from  PEI to New Brunswick -is a long time.  One lane each way??  Stop and think how long it takes any of us townies to cross a bridge in Vancouver, what 3 minutes if traffic is flowing?  However, the reward at the other side was well worth it.  Put me feet in New Brunswick soil, I did.

We spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around Charlottetown, venturing into stores on the quay, looking at old houses in the historic district and ordering lobster to ship home. This time, we have so much we are "checking" our 30lb box as baggage.  Get your money out neighbors - here they come.

Uncles Lloyd and Leonard joined us for dinner, as did Carole Ann's granddaughters -Lauren and Mallory and daughter Tracey. Carol Ann is a fantastic cook so we ate to our hearts content.  Then we played cards until 9:30 - cards is a big pastime here on the island so I have a few new games under my belt.  Fun, sharing stories and jokes, we fell into bed after 10:00, which is one of the earliest we've seen since we began this vacation.

We will go up to Montague and hopefully Murray River today, meeting up with Nana, Bob, John, Cathy, Carlie, Brett and Uncle Gary for lunch. Then back to Carol Ann's for dinner, more cards and preparing for our early rise to head for the airport.  We should be home tomorrow around 1:00 Vancouver time.

This vacation has been fun, adventurous, tiring, spectacular, full of laughter, outstanding sights, sounds and tastes. We've talked about moving here and not moving here, visited with people who are down to earth, outgoing, funny and loving and neither Frank nor I would have missed this time here for the world.  Petit Guy has many memories as well, although some I could not post on this blog. What a bird, but he has another adventure under his belt as well and I've got the pictures to prove it.

Thanks for reading along on our adventure, both Frank and I truly enjoy sharing our lives and visits with you - the people who mean so much to us all.

You never know, I may blog when I return home, so please stay tuned for more.

Good bye PEI, Frank and I will see you again soon.

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