Sunday, August 1, 2010

And here we go, family reunion time

Yes, that's right, the whole reason we came to PEI was to attend the McKenna Family Reunion and here we is.

Friday morning Gordie, Frank, Kayla, Dallas and Brett got up at crow piss to go to Malpeque for a little to Deep Sea Fishing.  They had to be in Malpaque Harbour by 8.  Meaning up at 5:45-6:00 to get the 5 of them dressed, fooded and teeth brushed. After throwing the kids in the car, off they went. Of course Patty and I simply rolled over and went back to sleep.  Ahhhh.  However, once we were up and dressed, it was time for us to do.... errands.

Friday nite was the Meet and Greet at the O'Leary Legion.  We put together a fruit plate to take up to the festivities and ventured on up. After spending, oh I'd say 1/2 an hour standing outside saying hello to this uncle, this aunt and look a little cousin or two, we made it inside to the door.  Signing in on one side of the entrance, we turned us around and started dolling out the cash to buy "find the joker", silent auction, holey board signup (only $5 a tix) and the big Poker game. We pushed through to a table, never sitting, simply dropping keys and bags to start the mingle. Frank was roped into being the Gracious Host of the Family Feud game - and I am proud to say, Earl's Pearls were the only team to shut out all 4 rounds (in case you don't know, Earl was Frank's Dad).  Won us some shot glasses, yes. After much socializing, hee-hawing and what not, it was time to pull the plug.  I think my head hit the pillow after 1:30.

Up and at em on Saturday morning, it was our last day at Lady Slipper Cottages.  Over to the Travellers Inn Motel where we settled quickly before setting off for a bit of lunch, trip to the liqour store and simply poking around in Alberton. Then back to the motel where we prepared ourselves for our big dinner dance.

However, not before going to mass in our McKenna Family Reunion t-shirts and visting the cemetery which houses some of the family that couldn't attend.  After many photo opportunities, we headed for the dinner. 

Dinner consisted of mashed taties (PEI specials), turkey, stuffing, gravy PEAS (ewwww) and carrots served with a cheeky little splash of apple juice. You know I headed for the bar and grab myself a glass of wine. Which of course, they cleared away after dinner when I wasn't looking. Dang!

After finishing off the silent auction - we'se got ourselves $20 gift certificate at the Atlantic Liquor Store (buying some shine), it was time to dance.  Dance we did, to every Willie Nelson, Stompin Tom and country song out there. I was done at 12:30 so we headed home.

And so here we sit at the Traveller's Inn at 8:50 a.m. in the continental breakfast doing our blog and preparing ourselves for the final day of  the reunion.   Picnic at Bloomfield Park  where I am going to learn how to play holey board.  Should be some interesting times.


Bev said...

sounds like an event!

could you please have Petit Guy remind Patty to take care of Flat Bill for me and send him on his way (if she hasn't already)


Paris 2009 said...

Petit guy and flat bill had a conversation this morning and they have a plan in place. All taken care of.