Monday, July 19, 2010

5 more sleeps and the world has gone crazy

Ack! Time is flying by and I am running out of time to get all the things done that need to be done.  I mean, come on. fingers, toes, hair and clothes where does a girl find the time to get it together?  Then I've got to do this all for Frank too!  Don't have to worry about Petit Guy. He was packed the day we showed him the tickets.

Only 5 more sleeps before Frank and I head from the everyday world of work, stress, home, stress,  to the laid back, red sands of my hubby's native land.  Anne of Green Gables, here we come.  We are both excited for some serious playtime: eating seafood, playing frig your buddy, sneaking onto the tobacco fields, trying the wines at the one winery, spending time in Charlottetown  (I can't wait to eat at the Pilot House) and just having some downtime with family.  This could even be the time that we start planning what our next stage of life is going to look like. Could be trouble brewing!   Let's hope our family can help steer us in the direction of solid decision making. You never know, we could come back saying we'se moving.... hold on... da ya think? 

I think the next post will be that of our arrival into the one kiosk, still walk across the tarmac and drag your luggage with you airport of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.
There they were, side by each, gone!

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Tracy B said...

Wait a better not come back saying you're moving! I seem to recall something about an application for permission to move? We'll let you go away for a couple of weeks, but that's about it. :-)