Sunday, July 25, 2010

Good Morning Charlottetown

Lord tundering jesus, we made er boys!  Late last night we pulled into this cute little drive up... motel and got ourselves a room.  No coin operated bed though. Darn!  We made a stop at Carole Ann's for a cup of tea and slice of home made raisin bread.  That was 11:30 - PEI time! Spent time with Carole Anne, Claudia, Uncle Leonard, Frank's Mom, brothers John and Bob,sister in law Cathy, niece Carlie, nephew Brett and Claudia's Granddaughter Vanessa. 

In case you don't know, we travelled with Frank's sister Patty, his brother in law, Gordie, niece Kayla and nephew Dallas (aka Salad).

Flight was relatively uneventful, got into Toronto at 7:00 p.m., walked off the plane, over two gates and walked onto another one!  How easy was that?  Left Vancouver on a beautiful sunny Saturday morning, pulled into Toronto to rain, arrived to Charlottetown in darkness.

I was right!  Still get off the plane and drag your sorry arse across the tarmac into the terminal.  Hang on though, the big difference is that they unload the suitcases and bring them into the terminal!  How lucky is that! Progress.  And cause for celebration, we didn't get locked out of the airport and we weren't the last ones to leave.  However - we got stuck with a PT Cruiser for a car.  How unlucky is that!

Petit Guy was bursting at the suitcase to come out. He was a tad upset with us when we wouldn't stay and play cards well into the night. As it was we didn't get to the motel until after 2:00 am. He's still not talking to us. But, it might help if we unzipped the suitcase and let him out though.  Oh well.

So today we are off to find Lady Slipper Cottages and get ourselves settled. Buy us some groceries at the Need and get er done and who knows, we might even get in a clam dig. Frank still upset that he didn't get in a raw oyster treat last night (eww, food issues here!)

Yeass, that's right, wese off fur the day, by the jesus b'y.

Love to all, 


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