Monday, July 26, 2010

Looking for the Slipper

We left our little room in Charlottetown, to begin the trek to Lady Slipper Cottages; our new home for the next 6 nights.  However, before we did that, we needed to find the first thing in the morning  cup of coffee - a really good one - so we headed to downtown Charlottetown.  Lo and behold a Starbucks! Last time we were here, 3-4 years ago, PEI's version of the starbucks was in the art gallery - and it sucked.  Still better than Timmy Ho's (in my opinion).  This Starbucks has only been open for 1 year and is the only one in PEI.  It's Tim Horton's on every corner here and they are all lined up, no taste in coffee these East Coasters.

After coffee, we decided to start heading west to O'Leary and Alberton where our place is. But we got lost in Charlottetown - go figure.After a good 45 minutes trying to figure out where Hwy 2 was, we made a break for it.  We stopped in Summerside for lunch ($33.00 BUCKS!!) and drove to Alberton to the world famous "Revelo" restaurant - which was closed. Everything is pretty much shut down up west on a Sunday.  We  were able to go the Price Cutters around 4 to get us some breakie stuff, but we were close - store closes at 5!

Spent the remainder of the day, settling in, playing cards and waiting on family to stop by.  Which they never did! We wandered around the property, down on to the beach and walked the red sands. Kinda weird walking on red sand, it is suppose to be grey dammit!

Our little cottage is quaint and shall do the 6 of us just fine.  It has everything we need, a little rustic but very clean and tidy. Safe place to lay our heads.

Tomorrow we head for Summerside, Borden and Carlton. Frank wants to work out at the local gym in Alberton so I will try and find one of them there internet cafes so I can blog in style.  I think things are pretty quiet right now, but the heat is starting to rise, so things are gonna fly.

We are also on the hunt for homemade potato vodka infused with wild blueberries as well as Pure Juice and moonshine. Could prove to be a very interesting day.


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