Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Doing the Touriesty Thing

Well me b'ys we'se been out and about, up West in PEI. Off to West Point Lighthouse to get our pictures took. We lined up John, Patty,  Frank and Bob in their McKenna Family Reunion shirts, in front of the lighthouse and took about 50 pictures from everyone's cameras.  Then it was by family, grandchildren, outlaws and finally the lot of us. After that it was off to the G & E for lunch - OMG it was like walking into a 70's restaurant.  Food tasted like it was made in the 70's too! 

Dallas wasn't feeling so hot so off Mom, Dad, Dallas and Uncle Bob went to the doctors to make sure all was good,  We took Nana, Carlie, John, Cathy and Brett and headed off to the Price Chopper in Bloomfield  Corner, to get us dinner fixins.  Yes, that's right, we had everyone back to our cabin for dinner, again.  Worked out well, picked me a cucumber out of the greenhouse, along with oregano and thyme. Chicken was some good on the barbie.  After much wine and beer, we sent six home and fell into bed with a plan for the following day. (Dallas was given the green light in the health department).

So, we are off on Wednesday to the North Cape which is on the St. Lawrence Gulf. We are going to search for lobster to have a feast on Thursday night. Amongst all the other sites,sounds and smells of the island. 

We've started hearing that family is arriving. Uncles Leonard and Lloyd are here and Carole Ann has come up west.  So far, it looks like 143 of us are gonna be getting together on Friday night to start the festivities.

I can't get over the beauty of the land here. Weather has been outstanding, about 22-25 everyday, along with the island breeze.  Tomorrow shall be a fun day filled with exploration, great food and tons more pictures.

There I was gone.  Until we talk again, I bid you ado.

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