Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summerside of Life

Frank and I alone in a cabin, in Fortune Cove, PEI.  What fun was that?  After spending the morning resting up we decided to go back to Summerside, and finish where we left off on Sunday.  But this time, I got to drive the newly coined Peety Cruiser and b'y the snapping, I did. Frank spent most of the drive (45 mins door to door), hanging out the windee snapping some pho-tee-graphs. PEI has some amazing wind combines sourcing new power. So, we did all we could to get as close as possible to snap some photo's.  Although I fully support the use of these wind combines, it is so freaky to see them when you are on the two lane highway (one lane each way).  You think they are going to fall over.

When we reached Summerside we wandered around Spinamakers Landing through all the trendy artistic stores. There are metal stars or flowers on so many of the houses here, I was bound and determined I was gonna get me a flower - until I found out the price.  $100.00 for a metal (size of a tire), flower to go on the side of my house - I don't think so. Dang!  So to ease my pain, we went in search of the Prince Edward Distillery - makers of the potato vodka infused with wild blueberries. My pain stayed with me when we searched through nearby Borden and could only find some wine.  Although we did get to look at Paderno cookware, hand made in PEI, and a fan fave of Frankies, we purchased none of the above.

We did get to look at the Conferderation Bridge.  $42.50 to cross over and leave the island, zippo to get back on.

After much texting back and forth we finally caught up with Patty, Gordie, Kayla and Dallas. Soon followed by John, Cathy, Carlie, Brett and Nana.  Burgers were tossed on to the bbq, beer opened, fire pit started and away we go.  Darkness fell, wine was opened and before you know it, we was empty and it was time for bed.

Tomorrow we are going to West Point Lighthouse to reinvent the photo of 1964 of John, Patty, Frank and Bob. This time we will also add the grandchildren, spouses, outlaws and the lot of us.  Petit Guy won't be making the trip with us  though.  I found him playing with my lingerie after drinking all night.  His reputation of being a dirty bird, follows him to PEI.  I think this is what happened when we took him Paris.


Anonymous said...

I downloaded an online translator and now I'm up to snuff with what the heck "the b'y" means. thank god fer fancy kumpooters. madeem

lisakbrown said...

HI Guys,

I'm very disappointed with Petit Guy. Tell him to lay off the sauce and get with the sightseeing program. Sounds like you're having a wonderful time. I'll keep reading and following your adventures.