Friday, July 30, 2010

Whats a Miminisgash and want ur Fortune Cove?

It's Friday July 31st and I've been remiss in my blogging duties fer two days now, b'ys. So today's entry will be covering the two.  Just so you know, I am sitting on the outside porch of the Lady Slipper offices, I have a hummingbird at the feeder bout 5 ft away, a chipmunk sun bathing on the step behind me and a little itty bitty bird on the railing, within arms reach.  I feel Mother Nature-ish today.

So on Wednesday, we went up to the North Cape, where the St. Lawrence meets up with the Northumberland Strait.  Quite the sight to see where the two waters meet, a lot of erosion going on since not as much ice forms in the winter months due to global warming. What used to be called the Elephant's Nose is no longer there. We walked along the sand, taking pictures of the cliffs, tidal pools and red sands. We grabbed a bite at the Wind and Reef Restuarant after taking a quick "boo" through the Canadian Wind Enery Interpretive Centre. These wind combines are freaking huge and as I've said before.  I had my first PEI Hot dog that day (the Islanders call it a lobster roll) and it was some good.

Before that we stopped in Little Tighnish and wandered around the harbour where we could see all the lobster traps, bouys and boats getting ready to head out.  Snapped us up some good phot-e-graphs before moving on to Royal Star Fisheries where we gots Gordie his traditional Royal Star T-Shirts for only 8 bucks.  On to town where we picked up the Prince Edward Potato Vodka infused with wild blueberries before heading over to this very old church called St. Simon & St. Jude's.  The church was built in 1862 and it is overwhelming beautiful inside. There is a shroud that has the Face of Jesus appearing on it when you take a picture.  You can't see it with the naked eye.  We were gobsmacked by the beauty of the altar, ceilings and simply everything.

We ambled down the coast line stopping in Miminigash, a quaint little fishing town (lobster), driving past all the potoato fields, warehouses and the like.  Every chance we'se got, we stopped and took  pictures,  even at Skinner's Pond to take pictures of Stompin Tom's birthplace.

Quite the day... but that's not the end.  That evening, the host and hostess of the cottages, James and Nellie, gathered all 5 cabins and served up some piping hot Fresh PEI Mussels in a tomato broth along with soda biscuits and homemade buns.  I even tried me a mussel and it was some good.  Gordie keeps telling me he'll make a Maritimer outta me yet.

So,we wake up Thursday morning to Brother John and Brett stopping by (lovingly called the Mafia) to get Dallas and go fishing with Uncles Leonard and Lloyd. Since the rest of us were on a quest to get us some souveniers, we jumped into one car and headed off on a new adventure; the South Shore scenic drive.  We stopped at the glass bottle house (made entirely of recycled beer, wine and pop bottles; they must been thirsty people.  This drive took us down into Summerside where we walked the Spinaker's Landing and then stopped for a bit to eat. Heading North we stopped in New Ananan to visit a Wrought Iron Artisian's gallery before heading to Malpeque to visit an Oyster man.  Again, we entered into a harbour that housed lobster boats and the world famous Malpeque Oysters.  After scoring some oysters, it was time to head for home cause early in  the morning, Frank and Gordie made a run for Tighnish to get us some lobster for supper.

Stopping at the Price Chopper in Bloomfield Corners we secured butter and buns to help aid us in our ingestion of the 12 lobsters purchased.  Borrowing a pot from Nellie and a custom made burner, we cranked up the water till she boiled, cooking us up a pot of fresh lobster (of course Frank had to crack, break and source the meat out for me).  We ate lobster and oysters, along with a cheeky merlot, until we could eat no more.  Between 7 of us; Gordie, Patty, Kayla, Dallas, Brett, Frank and I we got through 9 and an arf. That there was a PEI meal!

Frank, Gordie, Kayla, Dallas and Brett made arrangements to go deep sea fishing back in Malpeque on Friday morning.  Since they had to get up and go before 6:30 (it's an hours drive back) we all turned in early for a change. Patty and I were to go errand-ing to get everything needed for the fruit plate and make sure we knew where to go for the meet and greet being held at the O'Leary Legion on Friday night.  We are gearing up.

The weather has been outstanding, some rain but that just cools things down. It is very humid here so I've got me a big do of hair - I looked rather "frightened"  in all  the pictures. Having a marvelous time and look forward to more adventures.  Gotta stop eating all this good food - me clothes are getting rather... tight.


Bev said...

sounds like you are all having a good time. Please tell Gordie and Patty that their garden is looking spectacular and that now that they are experts we're going to have to cook us a pot of lobster here sometime!

Tracy B said...

Thoroughly enjoying your blog although I often find myself wishing I had a map beside me as well so that I could trace your route around the island. Envious of your lobster feast and looking forward to one myself in a weeks time. Have a fab time at the reunion!

Susette said...

I am so jealous, I want to be there right now!!
It sounds like you are having a great time. I cant' wait to see the pictures.
Did the fisherman have to be up a crow piss, then?